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I am Brad Forrest, a.k.a Wood By Forrest. I make all of the shotrocks by hand using a lathe. I pick out the finest wood available. Each Shot Rock© has its own unique character, no two are exactly alike. One of my shot rocks was recently airied on CNBC> after an Olympic curling event in Sochi.

These make great gifts for curling enthusiasts and for those whom host parties. Your Shot Rock© will be the center piece of conversation.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a pleasant shopping experience.

 Right click on the video and then click on Play.

Check out how I split a shotrock in half on YouTube.

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     You will receive 8 of these Custom Shot Glasses with each order.


    Tray Options: Cherry, Hickory, Mahogany, and Purpleheart

     This is the color of the Cherry Tray

     This is the color of the Hickory Tray

     This is the color of the Mahogany Tray

     This is the Purpleheart Tray



    Brought to you by Wood By Forrest